Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mr Fix-it

Amongst my fondest memories are watching Matthew, up to his neck in Hdmi cables, rs232 serial connectors (whatever they are!), fixing up the most complex audio visual systems in our lounge. Technically perfect, none of the rest of us could fathom the arrangements beyond the on/ off switch. The sound system was never acceptable until it passed his exacting standards- there was always a technically indispensible improvement which we simply had to adopt because life was simply not acceptable without it! No sooner than the rest of us had begun to get a grip of how to watch the television the whole system was changed again!

A highlight one Sunday afternoon was being told to sit cross legged on the lounge floor at a precise point, watch the television, close my eyes and listen to the 'millenium falcon' moving across the ceiling from the patio doors towards the back garden! 'what a beast.......!'

I would often stare incredulously at the vacuum cleaner wondering why it deposited more than it collected- that is, until Mr Fix-it came along.

He loved Chase the retriever, known variously as 'Oh Madame' (to give her her dignity) or 'wooluff'' or 'yellow dog'.

More than anything he loved his mum. He would always say 'you're a star mum' and, ofcourse, she is. He would always take her shopping to Tesco and carry the shopping to his car. She had to wait at the entrance whilst he drove the car to collect her. He would have walked through fire for his mum!

When Matthew died his life was on a real high!. He loved his girlfiend Holly, his family and his home. He was doing well at work and the future looked good. He had the mobile phone he wanted, the car he wanted with every gadget imaginable! And mum was always at hand to make his favourite coffee and toasted sandwiches. He had worked out a scheme to cut the trees with minimum effort but this would require a device he had seen advertised...........

These shouldn't happen but they do. We are in a very dark place right now- but we are receving great comfort from our memories and from seeing his friends.

Dad will always love you.

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