Friday, May 15, 2009

All the Jones Girls and Holly Wilde - to run a Half Marathon in Matt's name!

Mum, Low, Han, Holly and I have taken up running for charity, in Matt's name!

We are all entered into the Run To The Beat' Half Marathon in London in September 2009. We are raising money for the Air Ambulance, on the basis that it's cash-flow can be precarious and that, had Matt needed it, it would have been there to get him to hospital to where he could be helped.
Matt did not need it - but many, many other people do and so please, please support us and donate if you can. Just click on the widget on the right hand side and give us your cash!

Han has built a (bloody good) website specifically for this - it is - if you want to see what a hard time we're all having (we do after all have a combined age of 186, though we categorically do not look like it!) visit us there. There'll be plenty of legs on show (ten in all) - and they'll look better and better as time goes on, that I'll guarantee!

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